DNC Blog Credentialing Process Opens Today

If you're a blogger (particularly on state issues) and want to get media credentials for the August 25 to 28 Democratic Convention in Denver, the process begins today.

Big media goes through the Congressional Galleries. Bloggers go through the DNCC's Press Gallery. The basics are here -- 50 blogs on state issues, one from each state, will get credentialed first. National and niche bloggers will go into a second pool of applicants.

DNCC PRESS GALLERY: all other news organizations including blogs community newspapers, the publications of membership organizations, quarterlies, college media, production houses and media service organizations. Please visit the DNCC blog for more information on the blogger credentialing process.

DNCC Press Gallery
1560 Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 720-362-2008
Email: dnccpressgallery-at-demconvention.com


While bloggers are being welcomed at the convention, there are so many more of us now than in 2004 that not everyone will get press credentials. Just down the street from the Pepsi Center, Progress Now will host ProgressCon where bloggers can gather (like we did at the Tank in NYC in 2004)to watch the proceedings and blog.

ProgressNow's offices in the state-of-the-art Alliance Center are perfectly situated in the lower downtown area of Denver, an easy walk to both the Pepsi Center and Colorado Convention Center--the two venues that will house most of the Democratic Convention activities. And we're already making plans for this location to serve as a headquarters away from home for progressive bloggers, netroots organizers, and non-profit representatives from across the country.

Sign up here for their updates.

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