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The BlogWorld Expo runs Thursday and Friday in Las Vegas. When I first heard about the event, I wasn't inclined to participate, but not because of the organizers or participants or because I didn't think it would be a success. It was because it seemed like the principal purpose would be for companies to sell products to bloggers and I wasn't (and am not) interested in going somewhere to go shopping.

But, it turns out there's lots of good seminars and panels and they've added a political blogging program.

So, I'll be there Thursday - Friday and participating in two panels. If you're going to be there, I hope you'll drop in on them.


Hugh Hewitt, Jerome Armstrong (MYDD), John Hinderaker (Powerline Blog), Jeralyn Merritt (Talk Left), Glenn Reynolds (The Instapundit), Joe Sudbay (America Blog), Ed Morrissey (Captains Quarters), Sean-Paul (The Agonist), NZ Bear (TTLB), Pam Spaulding (Pam’s House Blend), Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit), Brad Friedman (Brad Blog), Mary Katherine Ham (Townhall.com) Nate Wilcox, Dean Barnett (The Weekly Standard), Professor David Perlmutter, Michael Medved, Roger L. Simon, Kevin from Wizbang and more.

On Thursday afternoon, at 4:00, T509, Room S223:

Raising the Level of Discourse in the Political Blogosphere

Michael Medved, Jeralyn Meritt, Sean-Paul (The Agonist) Roger L. Simon, Jim Hoft, Ed Morrissey

On Friday morning at 10:15, F209, Room S223

Right vs. Left: Who's Winning the Battle of the Blogosphere?

Jerome Armstrong (My DD), Hugh Hewitt, John Hinderaker, Dean Barnett. Joe Sudbay (AmericaBlog), Henry Copeland (Blogads), Jeralyn Meritt

Another good panel is Thursday at 9:15 am, T209, Room S223:

The Power of the Political Blogosphere

Professor David Perlmutter, Hugh Hewitt, Dave Nalle, Pam Spaulding, Taylor Marsh, Brad Friedman

More information is here and the registration page is here.

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