Dog Bites Man: Joe Klein Does Not Know What He Is Talking About

Glenn Greenwald explains:

For the sake of its own credibility, Time Magazine needs immediately to prohibit Joe Klein from uttering another word about the eavesdropping and FISA controversy. He simply doesn't know what he's talking about and he publishes demonstrably false statements.

And he has for quite a while on this issue:

Joe Klein has been getting a lot of attention of late for his rip of Dems’ criticism of Bush’s NSA domestic surveillance program. It makes you wonder if Klein understands how untruthfully and how shamelessly the Bush Administration will do anything it can get away with. He certainly seems to know nothing about the Constitution, or to value it in any event. But his contempt for the Constitution and the law did not start with the FISA Scandal. And apparently he assumes we are as lazy and clueless as he is. But we are not. . . .

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