Rudy Touts His Crime Record

Last week Rudy Giuliani touted Bernie Kerik's crime record. Now, in a speech calling for wants a virtual border fence instead of a real one and in response to critics who say he turned New York into a sanctuary city, he touts his own.

"The policies that I utilized with regard to illegal immigration were in the context of overall policies that probably were the most successful in the history of the country in creating an orderly, legal, lawful society," he said.

His arrogance knows no bounds.

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    I have to think that when Rudy Cue Ball (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by scribe on Mon Nov 19, 2007 at 03:59:16 PM EST
    tout's Kerik's crime record, Mr. Subliminal is likely saying something like:  "look at all he got away with...."

    At another blog (IIRC, Next Hurrah), a post-er wrote about the driver's license tiff in NY State that, in reality, the driver's license issue is another smokescreen over estalbishing a national ID card, viz:

    So what is this really about? -- I suppose it is about a National ID card, which would be a new Identity document.  That would be the honest debate.  Up North in Minnesota, where people really don't distinguish all that much between places in Canada where they shop or fish, and places in Minnesota where they also shop, work and live, they now they want $90 dollars for a passport to cross the border for a hockey game.  Yes, it is an identity document, but it discriminates.  People who live in Kansas are less likely to normally play pond hockey with Canadians. Likewise, if you use an expensive ID for voting, or getting on planes -- well you eliminate low income folk.  If keeping Atta off Airplanes depends on this stuff you have to ask if there is a less disruptive and less expensive way to do it.  

    So let's problem solve.  Tell anyone coming into the country to bring their driver's license plus the International Driver's license in all the UN languages.  Follow that treaty.  Let people renew their driver's licenses at their Embassy if necessary.  Follow the treaty by requiring local police to offer -- free -- a translation of a non-English license.  

    If we are to have a national ID card -- then figure how to cover everyone regardless of income or wealth, and link all the state and national records so as to make it accurate and easy.  Pay the cost of resolving all the bad and inaccurate records.  

    Forget the business of "I am certified to drive a car" and thus I can get on a plane.  Protect the kids who just like to play pond hockey.  

    And, I'd think, the same idea obtains for Rudy Cue Ball's virtual fence.  It doesn't make anyone "safer", it doesn't do anything but pour money into the pockets of his buddies, it discriminates against the less-well-off and excludes them from basic rights, and it facilitates further intrusion into the private lives of everyone, while gutting existing treaty and legal protections sub rosa.

    BTW, for those who don't remember why I call him Rudy Cue Ball and might object, the story goes like this.  Earlier this year, a made guy in Brooklyn specializing in loansharking and seeing younger women, known as "Rudy Cue Ball", was found in his bed with one in the head.  This turned out to be a tit-for-tat whacking which led the Feds and NYPD to put out the word - no more killings else we'll crank up a task force.  A name like that couldn't be left to moulder, so, once it became available, I reapplied it to someone it fit.

    i understand (none / 0) (#2)
    by cpinva on Tue Nov 20, 2007 at 12:20:02 AM EST
    he was also responsible for bringing down boss tweed, tammany hall and the five points gang.