Your <s>Liberal</s> Media - At It Again

In Saturday's New York Times, in an article about the Krongard brothers, one of whom is the Inspector General for the Department of State and the other of whom is on an advisory panel for Blackwater, Scott Shane makes the following comment regarding Congressman Henry Waxman:

Hence Representative Henry A. Waxman's disclosure at a hearing Wednesday, the latest in a string of revelations the California Democrat has used to torment the Bush administration.

"We have now learned that Mr. Krongard's brother, Buzzy Krongard, serves on Blackwater's advisory board," Mr. Waxman declared, saying the inspector general had "concealed this apparent conflict of interest."

Howard Krongard grew indignant, saying his brother had no ties to Blackwater.

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"When these ugly rumors started recently, I specifically asked him," he said. "I do not believe it is true that he is a member of the advisory board."

Then came a break, and Howard phoned his older brother. Buzzy told Howard he had just returned from his first Blackwater advisory board meeting in Williamsburg, Va.

A chagrined Howard Krongard returned to the witness stand. "I want to state on the record right now that I hereby recuse myself from any matters having to do with Blackwater," he said. [my emphasis]

"Torment" the Bush administration? Waxman is chair of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He's doing his job. This is not journalism; it's editorializing and it's irresponsible. Just as irresponsible if I were to say, accuse Scott Shane of being a stenographer for the Republican National Committee. I don't believe he is. I do believe that this is sloppy reporting and even sloppier editing.

Cross-posted at Beautiful Horizons

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