McCain and Romney Aides on Rudy 's "Laugh Off" of Judith Regan Suit

A McCain aide points out the problem with Rudy, Kerik, Judith Regan, et. al.

"Obviously there are some very serious charges involved for a guy who was his protégé and one of his closest friends. And for Rudy to go out and say this is not worthy of discussion when it directly involves him and his decision making, and in the case of department of homeland security, the security of our country - it's disturbing that Rudy would think it's not something he is going to have to address. "

And a Romney aide says:

"Voters grow very weary of story after story after story having to do with public officials who have not adhered to higher ethical standards," said Madden. "Right now it is very important to Republican primary voters that we have a candidate who can draw a very clear contrast between a Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton. If you have a nominee who is distracted by this type of narrative, you lose the ability to contrast yourself with Hillary Clinton and past Clinton administrations. It cancels out any advantage you would have."

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    McCain (none / 0) (#1)
    by jimakaPPJ on Thu Nov 15, 2007 at 08:52:42 AM EST
    and a large number of Senators on both sides should remember that they voted for a guy named Brown..

    Who the Demos later demonized over Katrina.

    Should they all leave the Senate???

    This is just a cheap shot by McCain and the Demos trying to use "guilt by association."