ABA Publishes Death Penalty Issue

Human Rights, the magazine of the Individual Rights and Liberties Section of the American Bar Association, devotes its entire spring issue to the death penalty. All articles are available free online. They include:

  • A Thirty-Year Retrospective of the Death Penalty
    By Stephen F. Hanlon
  • Monitoring Death Sentencing Decisions: The Challenges and Barriers to Equity By Glenn L. Pierce and Michael L. Radelet
  • Mental Disability and Capital Punishment: A More Rational Approach to a Disturbing Subject
    By Ronald J. Tabak


  • Will New Jersey Ban Capital Punishment? Understanding the Death Penalty Study Commission Report By Eddie Hicks
  • ABA State Death Penalty Assessments: Facts (Un)Discovered, Progress (to Be) Made, and Lessons Learned By Deborah Fleischaker
  • Raising the Bar in Capital Cases By Talbot D'Alemberte
  • The Global Debate on the Death Penalty By Sandra Babcock
  • Staying Executions: After Expanding the Death Penalty, the Pendulum Swings Back By Andrew Cohen
  • A Journey to Abolition By Virginia Sloan
  • Human Rights Hero: Anthony G. Amsterdam By Ronald J. Tabak
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