The Real Question On Iraq

Ed Kilgore and Matt Yglesias discuss Iraq polling. Ed writes:

Pollsters need to figure out ways to (a) test the Iraq issues actually facing Congress; (b) include in questions a few basic facts about troop withdrawals (i.e., that Bush is only talking about withdrawing "surged" troops) and funding levels (i.e., how much money buys what strategy) . . .

This seems right and as a public service I write the actual question facing the Congress:

Given President Bush's declared statements and views, not funding the Iraq War after a date certain is the only way Congress can end US combat involvement in Iraq. Do you favor or disfavor the Congress exercising its Constitutional power over spending in order to end US combat involvement in Iraq?

I betcha you get 60-65% approval of not funding.

See also Bob Fertik's polling results.

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