Larry Craig Files Appeal from Denial of Guilty Plea Withdrawal

Bump and Update: Craig has filed his appeal. It's four pages but doesn't go into the grounds. And don't expect a ruling anytime soon:

Craig's lawyers must first order and file a transcript of his Sept. 26 hearing. Once that has been filed, his lawyers have 60 days to file a brief outlining his appeal. Then, prosecutors have 45 days to file their response to his appeal. Once those are filed, the court sets a date for oral arguments -- which often occurs about six to eight months later. Ninety days after the oral arguments, the judge issue a decision.


Original Post: Larry Craig Slams Romney, Will Appeal Conviction

Sen. Larry Craig is making the tv rounds. Sunday, he vowed to appeal the denial of the motion to withdraw his guilty plea.


In a new NBC interview with Matt Lauer to be aired Tuesday night and again Wednesday morning, Craig slams Republican hopeful Mitt Romney. Craig says the decision to step down from his position with Romney's Presidential campaign as soon as the news of his bathroom arrest broke was not his, but Romney's.

''I was very proud of my association with Mitt Romney,'' Craig told Lauer. ''... And he not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again.''

As for what Craig acknowledges doing wrong:

“I made a very big mistake,” he said. “I should have told my wife. I should have told my kids. And most importantly, I should have told counsel.”

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    by RedHead on Mon Oct 15, 2007 at 04:32:46 AM EST
    That Mitt Romney is a nasty, bad, naughty boy.