Police Probe Gang Related Clues in Darrent Williams Shooting

Update: 1/4, 7:13 am MT: Denver's KOA radio reports police have found the car in the Green Valley section of Denver. It was painted over but not burned. It's on its way to the police evidence department.

Denver police have identified a "vehicle of interest" in the New Years' Eve shooting death of Denver Bronco cornerback Darrent Williams. (background here.)

Police put out a bulletin earlier today looking for a White 1994 Chevy Tahoe with Colorado license plate number 665-OBS. They didn't identify the owner, but the local news has: Brian Hicks.

It may or may not be the vehicle involved in the shooting, but if it was, Hicks couldn't have been the shooter because he's in jail awaiting trial on drug charges -- and on charges of shooting a woman who was supposed to testify against him at trial. The woman was later killed the week before his trial was supposed to begin.

Hicks has been jailed since Nov. 9 on a charge of possessing drugs with intent to distribute. He's also accused of shooting at a woman who was later killed a week before she was to testify against him. His bond was increased to $1 million after the woman was killed and his trial date was rescheduled.

More on that case here.

Police say Hicks was a gang member, and there were rival gangs at the nightclub New Years Eve party that Williams and his group, including two other Broncos were attending. They say Williams reportedly try to break up an argument between the two groups.

Hicks' girlfriend maintains she doesn't know who had access to Hicks' vehicle while he's been in jail.

It's not yet known whether one gun or more than one gun was used to spray the Hummer limo carrying Williams and his group, or whether all the bullets match.

Others have told police the occupants of the "vehicle of interest" may have run away to Los Angeles. LA Police say they've had no inquiry from Denver police.

I'll be discussing the case on Denver's KOA radio at 7am MT. And posting updates on the investigation and funeral at 5280.com.

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