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[I'll be bumping this to the top for a few days. Thanks to all who have contributed, I'll be sending thank you emails soon.]

I'm leaving Denver Sunday to attend and live-blog the Scooter Libby trial Monday and Tuesday (Jan. 29 and 30) in Washington, D.C., with a press pass graciously provided by Firedoglake. I'll be live-blogging on their site and cross-posting here.

I'll be returning to D.C. on Feb. 19 to live-blog the trial Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 20-22)with a press pass from MediaBloggers.org

I'm not being paid for my blogging. I will be paying for these trips (not to mention losing seven working days from my day job.)

The travel expenses will amount to about $1,500.00 for both trips. While contributions from everyone who appreciates TalkLeft are welcome, I'm hoping that particularly you lurkers out there who read TalkLeft almost every day but don't comment or usually contribute, will chip in to help me recoup some of the expenses.

If you'd rather donate anonymously, please use Amazon here.

As always, thanks in advance. Your generosity is really appreciated. As an added incentive, the top three donors will get a free TalkLeft 4th Amendment Subway Tote.

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