Why I Hate The Media

Even good guys like Eugene Robinson write drivel like this:

The depressing nature of this endless campaign went beyond negative ads, however. Examine the messages that were delivered by the two parties and then try to find a reason to be filled with hope about the future.

. . . The Democratic Party had the advantage of having been out of power during the whole Iraq misadventure, which gave every Democratic candidate an even simpler message to transmit to voters: Look, I'm not George W. Bush.

In terms of politics, that was smart. But "not George Bush" doesn't qualify as much of a vision for America's future. At some point, it can't be enough just to list all the problems the Republicans have created or failed to address. What are the solutions?

"Not George Bush" is a very compelling vision of the future. The solutions will come in the GOVERNANCE, not the politics. This endless whining from a Media that does not even UNDERSTAND the issues, much less cover them (can we have ANOTHER story on John Kerry's botched joke please?) is the most sanctimonious hypocritical load of crap of all.

Our politics ain't pretty. But our Media is worse. They are utterly incompetent and hypocritical. Eugene Robinson needs to call out his colleagues before he writes bullspit like this.

For as bad as politicians may be, the Media is ten times worse. As bad as anything in our political system is the Media. They do not get to criticize ANYONE.

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    Can't fix anything until we know the truth (none / 0) (#1)
    by lilybart on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 12:03:22 PM EST
    How can the Democrats have a vision for Iraq, when we don't even really know the truth of what is going on over there?

    First truth, on all the screwups. THEN you can start to see how to fix things.