World Peace Lies In Voters' Hands

Some people say that they are tired of voting for Democrats each election cycle only to be later burned by a wimpy party that bows to special corporate interests or, in the past 2 cycles, Mr. Unilateral-Preemptive Decider. I say - please get a grip, because if Bush remains in office with a GOP-controlled Congress, the whole world is now his stage, ripe for more global wars that even reach the heavens.

Bit by bit, the Bush Team has created disorder, wars and disaster all over the world in the name of corporate greed and political agendas that benefit only the rich and powerful. The primary method of operation is to ignore reality and experts' advice and then when the exact disaster occurs, the Bush Team shift the blame or plead ignorance. Thus far, Bush has torn apart the US -- wrecking our economy, environment, health care, justice system, civil rights -- to name just a few - and creating divisiveness amongst the people, who are now coming together in the commonality of interests that supersede partisan affiliations.

Bush's global scorecard is not pretty. The global community is seething with divisiveness that did not exist to this extent prior to policies implemented by Bush. Specifically, the Bush Team is using the "war on terror" as a shield, expanding and changing its definition like a chameleon to fit the particular country, and then expanding or creating conflicts as the means to obtain the desired ends, whether it be geopolitical, natural resources, power, or corporate greed.

The Iraq War is gradually spreading into Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia "breathing new life into the ancient rivalry" between Sunni and Shiite. In northern Iraq, Kurdish villagers join the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of war-displaced internal refugees who must now flee the bombings and incursions by Iranian forces and Turkish troops.

What many Americans do not know is that it is NOT the US mission to fight the insurgents in Iraq to win the war. That may seem odd given that Bush's mantra is that we are fighting terrorists over there so that we don't have to fight them in the streets of the USA. The truth is that Bush has quietly adopted a cut-and-run policy in slow motion where troops fight battles here and there but are unable to retain ground taken from insurgents or to fight to win the war because we do not have enough troops on the ground. As stated by a Marine General, he has enough troops for his "main mission" of training Iraqi security forces, but that if his mission changes to winning the fight  against the insurgency, then he would need more troops. The result is that troops fight a battle, leave town and insurgents return to fill the power void. The result is that the terrorists have already established Taliban and al-Qaeda republics  in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

For years, the Democrats have stated that Bush's reassignment of troops from Afghanistan to commence war in Iraq doomed both wars to failures. Now, the truth is slowly coming to light. Commanders in Afghanistan now say the invasion of Iraq prevented coalition forces from securing Afghanistan, which left a power vacuum in the country for 4 years, which now has been filled by the Taliban. Consequently, troops will now need to remain in Afghanistan for 20 years to make up for Bush's decision to invade Iraq. And, as Taliban attacks increase in Afghanistan, the Afghan-Pakistani relationship deteriorates into an escalating war of words and finger pointing.

Bush is also stirring things up in Latin America. Problems that Clinton's Pentagon categorized as discrete issues -- "drugs, arms trafficking, intellectual property piracy, migration, and money laundering" -- and which have been described as the "five wars of globalization," are now packaged together by the Bush administration as terrorism. Bush uses this broad definition of terrorism to justify militarization of police work and constant surveillance of everyone. However, not all countries buy into the Bush plan, which lays the groundwork for future conflict. The penalty for failure to buy Bush's "war on terror," which may be more appropriately entitled US corporate globalization takeover, is that the Pentagon is now establishing a "chain of small but permanent military bases" to be used to "project its power deep into Latin America."

In the Palestinian territory, Bush was warned beforehand that his no aid policy would fuel tensions with Israel and between competing power factions inside the territory and aggravate the humanitarian crisis, which is what happened. Now, the concern is the territory is sliding into civil war and that the US is "fomenting internal strife" with a campaign to "funnel millions of dollars in funds to its opponents and provide weapons and military training for rival forces."

While Bush Team tries to blame Clinton and the CIA for Bush not being prepared for N. Korea's recent nuke tests, the groundwork was laid in 2002 by Bush. The Bush Team learned that N. Korea had a covert uranium program which violated Clinton's Agreed Framework. Bush responded by waiving UN inspections, which permitted uranium production.

Bush's war plate is not full enough with Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan as "some influential hawks are now promoting a more confrontational stance against Russia and China as well." The hawks are getting what they wanted in both the N. Korea and space war fronts. Bush has now extended his unilateral preemption policy to space, laying the groundwork for space wars by signing a space policy that rejects future arms-control agreements that may limit US "flexibility" in space. Bush's space policy asserts US ownership and control of space which gives the US a right to deny access to space to anyone hostile to US interests, and limits US space diplomacy to persuading other nations to support his US policy. This will add Russia, China and India to the new war zone in space.

How will Bush address this world strife if the GOP maintains control of Congress? Bush's answer is to eliminate the UN as a world body and replace it with a Bush World Body comprised of a coalition of countries who agree with Bush about the appropriate sanctions and policies to govern the world. Bolton admits that action against Iran does not require a unanimous decision by the UN Security Council because the "U.S. is working a parallel diplomatic track outside the U.N.." This parallel track is the Bush team's creation of a coalition of nations organized to impose sanctions  on Iran should the UN not give Bush what he wants.

The American public are now anxious about our role in world events as nearly 90% believe that when the world sees the US in a "negative light," that constitutes a threat to US national security. And that hits the nail on the head. Bush likes to define national security interests as limited to his "war on terror," but national security includes both foreign policy and domestic issues. Regardless of party affiliation, when you vote next month, consider the fact that Bush is not just content with ruling America as King, but wants to expand his ruling power to the world and our heavens above.

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  • Re: World Peace Lies In Voters' Hands (3.00 / 2) (#1)
    by Patriot Daily on Thu Oct 19, 2006 at 03:00:03 PM EST
    If you vote for the GOP, better plan to move to Canada. oops. bush just enhanced security at the northern border, just like he did for southern border. want peace? vote for democrats. it's that simple.

    Re: World Peace Lies In Voters' Hands (none / 0) (#2)
    by Edger on Fri Oct 20, 2006 at 05:33:12 AM EST
    Have you asked Canada about that? They were really receptive to accepting Viet Nam War opposers, but what makes you think they want much to do with GOP supporters? ;-)

    Re: World Peace Lies In Voters' Hands (5.00 / 1) (#3)
    by Patriot Daily on Fri Oct 20, 2006 at 09:59:12 AM EST
    What i was referring to is that if the GOP maintain power in Congress, bush is free to proceed further with wars and conflicts in various parts of the world discussed in diary. This will at some point require a draft to find the bodies to handle these wars. And, given that the GOP is filled with chicken hawks, they may then try to send their sons and daughters up to canada, and not have the same easy route that was available during vietnam because of these new security measures. So, not bush supporters per se, because a draft would affect  people from all parties. my initial comment was perhaps too vague, sorry.  

    Re: World Peace Lies In Voters' Hands (none / 0) (#4)
    by Edger on Fri Oct 20, 2006 at 10:45:45 AM EST
    Now I've got it, thanks.

    In other words the chickenhawks have gone and shot themselves in the foot. Again. That's at least both feet they've crippled now. ;-)


    Re: World Peace Lies In Voters' Hands (none / 0) (#5)
    by Patriot Daily on Fri Oct 20, 2006 at 11:30:20 AM EST
    Edger, truly, should not make me laugh so  hard while I am drinking my oj, not a pretty picture. :)

    Re: World Peace Lies In Voters' Hands (none / 0) (#6)
    by Edger on Fri Oct 20, 2006 at 11:52:34 AM EST
    Well, I just thought it should be easy to track them down when they try to run. They won't be able to move very fast, and the MP's can take their time following the red footprints. Ahem...