New Liberal Radio Network Formed

Air America Radio may or may not survive its financial troubles, but say hello to the new kid on the block -- Nova M Radio, formed by two of the original founders of AAM, consultant Joe Trippi and pollster John Zogby.

Nova M Radio, Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona officially announced the formation of its new progressive talk radio network. Debuting on the network will be the long awaited return to the airwaves of America’s original “truth-seeker” Mike Malloy. The Mike Malloy Show will initially broadcast live, from 9PM -12 Midnight (EST) beginning October 30,2006 on Nova M Radio affiliate 1480-AM KPHX Phoenix. The Mike Malloy Show will be made available to affiliates across the nation and will also stream live on www.novamradio.com.

Here's the backstory:

Anita Drobny and Sheldon Drobny, co-founders of the Air America Radio Network along with partner Dr. Mike Newcomb, CEO & Chairman of Nova M Radio, are the principals of the new network. On March 1, 2006 Air America Radio’s Phoenix affiliate went dark after the station was purchased by a religious broadcasting company who promptly terminated the progressive programming. Within 18 days Nova M Radio, Inc. had negotiated a deal with a new station and triumphantly returned progressive talk to the airwaves in America’s 5th largest city on April 3, 2006. Nova M Radio now looks to bring its unique brand to the rest of America.

Joining Nova M Radio as Media and Communication consultant will be Joe Trippi and Associates....Also joining our team will be internationally renowned pollster John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International. John will be co-hosting a weekly one hour show, “The Pulse of the Nation” where John polls particular hot button issues from politics and pop culture to the War in Iraq and stem cell research.

Other shows will be by Mike “Doc” Newcomb and Peter B. Collins.

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    Re: New Liberal Radio Network Formed (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by jerry on Tue Oct 17, 2006 at 09:05:12 PM EST
    Dr. Mike, in addition to being a real MD, and not just playing one on TV, ran for governor here in, well I guess it must've been 2002.  Before there was an AAR, he was broadcasting for "Truth Tellers, Liberty Lovers, and Freedom Fighters".  He came over to AA Phoenix, and when that went dark last March he basically stitched it back together and found a new station and was back on the air within a month.

    He's definitely capable, passionate and knowledgeable.

    I wish them well.

    That said, I wish they were more of a production house creating shows to syndicate anywhere.  I also wish they would focus on 60 minute shows and not 180 minute shows.  We need a lot more voices than just 8 per day, and if we had 60 minute shows, we could have a nice portfolio of Terri Gross/Al Franken/Stephanie Miller/Rachel Maddow entertaining information, as well as the Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy motivational fighting Democrat "screecher" shows.  I personally can take a lot of these people in about 60 minute doses.  And let's not forget the importance of Steve Earle's "Democratic Fighting Music".  

    But I do wish them the absolute best.  Electromag etically, Phoenix is a sad little town, and the AA Phoenix signal, Dr. Mike's signal, tremendously brightens up the spectrum.

    Okay Scoop, let's see how fast you can post this!

    Re: New Liberal Radio Network Formed (none / 0) (#2)
    by jerry on Tue Oct 17, 2006 at 09:05:31 PM EST
    Purty darn fast!

    Re: New Liberal Radio Network Formed (none / 0) (#3)
    by Slado on Wed Oct 18, 2006 at 08:22:28 AM EST
    While we all have the right to speak our mind forgive me if I wait and see when I hear about another liberal talk radio network trying to make it's way in a competitive marketplace.

    The problem with "Air America" was it was too much too soon.   They started with affiliates in all the major markets etc... and had no base audience to build from.   They simply threw it out there to see if it would stick and it didn't from day one despite the free media attention and countless donations from backers.

    Rush, Hannity, Laura etc... all built their audiences one market at a time.   The same goes for Howard Stern.  You build a local area fan base, you develop your skills as a broadcaster and then you move into a similiar market, build an audience then try new markets so on and so on.

    If this network is just Air America with a different name then it won't work either.  

    Besides the obvious point of who needs liberal radio?  NPR exists, the media slants liberl (even though it's not liberal enough for this crowd) etc...   Talk Radio slants conservative because other then Fox News (which I admit tilts conservative) we have no outlet for our beliefs so we support Rush and the many Rush like conservative hosts.

    We'll see but I would say unless this network builds it's base audience slowly and doesn't try to match their conservative counterparts righ out of the gate they will meet a similar fate.