Lieberman Fear of Schlesinger

This post from the Lieberman campaign demonstrates the fear:

Seems pretty clear to us this cynical tactic [discussing Schlesinger's debate performance] is part of a coordinated strategy -- and that it will fall as flat as the rest of Ned's general election campaign.   The next logical step will be for Ned and his more wealthy friends to start funneling money to Schlesinger to try to get him on television.

Whoa! Does Lieberman really want to talk about who is funding campaigns? The fact is that Schlesinger was the surprise star of that debate, and to be frank, I was as surprised as Lieberman was. But that is just a lucky break for Lamont. There is nothing Lamont can do to help Schlesinger. As before, Lamont must make Lieberman pay a political price with Democrats for his Bush and GOP support. If Schlesinger can make Lieberman pay on the Right, so much the better for Lamont, but that is out of Lamont's control. Joe's careful Republican dance became more difficult yesterday. Tomorrow, another debate in Connecticut will make watching Joe dance even more entertaining.

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    Re: Lieberman Fear of Schlesinger (none / 0) (#1)
    by The Crucible on Wed Oct 18, 2006 at 09:39:14 AM EST
    I don't know what trolling is.  What is it?
    I think we got a little over zealous about Ned Lamont.  Schlesinger is a light weight, but so is Lamont.  Lieberman is the heavy in the race.  I fear that Lieberman will win convincingly and that he will feel justified in moving further to the right.  I have a Republican cousin in Conn. and he says he and his ilk are going to vote for Lieberman.  I think that Lieberman will do to us what Jeffords did to the other guys.  What do you think?  I think a Liberman win will be a disaster.  Although, I am encouraged at the emergence of viable Independent candidates.