Dog the Bounty Hunter to Offer Apology to Mexico

In hope of avoiding having to return to Mexcio, Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, will seek to offer an apology to Mexico, pay a fine, make a donation to charity and forfeit his bond money, according to his lawyer, Brook Hart of Honolulu.

I'm betting Brook, who is a top notch criminal defense lawyer, will pull it off.

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    I'm willing to bet if the right palms are greased, Brook Hart will succeed, too.

    This sends a valuable message to everyone who watches his show, especially the children, that if you have enough money you don't have to obey any laws. If this piece of trash had any integrity he would face the consequences of his actions. A little O.J. anyone?

    If you commit a crime in America everyone knows you can buy your freedom if you have enough money to do so.

    Check out linked text = Linked text for the facts that suggest that Dog's arrest was part of a prisoner exchange agreement between the United States and Mexico.

    louisian boy here, i love u chapman family. I hope the government can rescue one family compared to thousands in new orleans

    DearDog, Me and my Best Friend her Name is Sharon, we don't miss any of your shows at all when it comes on Tuesday night we are right there. we are really "BIG FANS" of yours and we are standing right be side you and your family all the way, we love you and we hope that everything will turn out the way that it should, we will keep praying for you and your family and God will take care of everything for you, just keep looking up and he will be there for you. and Thank you for doing a really good job and keep it up. Love you Diane and Sharon

    Duane Chapman is one of the biggest heros of our time. For anyone to suggest that he will just "buy" his way out of jail time should really re-evaluate their thoughts. Come on, if you could do that then why not. Wake up, money talks in this world and that is just the way it goes! That S.O.B. Andrew Luster is in jail (for the rest of his life and then will be burning in hell) and I'm pretty sure that is all that matters. Don't hate people because they are better off in life then you might be. We love you Chapman family and back you all 100%!!!!

    You are a disgrace to the profession, I am appalled by your actions. I spent many uears doing evrything the right and legal way, and am NOT a convicted drug dealer and suspected killer. America, revolt or you too may become a victim to a new breed of DOGS!!! every arrest you make should be illegal! You are not Mr. Superman, your a fake and a sensationalist to make the $$ flow. get out of the business and maybe your son can do the right thing and get licensed.

    dog is the best bounty hunter at least he has the guts to go get andrew luster me and my family would like to say thank you to dog and beth for helping show us that every one does get second chance keep the good work up crystal,james,brandon,ethan