DOJ Investigating Tom DeLay's Wife

The Wall St. Journal (free link) reports the Justice Department is now examining whether Tom DeLay's wife got paid for a no-show job.

In the last few weeks, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have interviewed several people at the Alexander Strategy Group lobbying firm to determine if Christine DeLay was being paid $3,200 a month -- a total of $115,000 over three years -- but not earning it. In a series of interviews last month, investigators questioned people who used to work at Alexander Strategy as well as people who worked in the same building as the now-defunct firm. "They wanted to know how often she came to the office? What did she do there? How long was she there?" said one person who was interviewed by the FBI.

This isn't suprising. TChris and I wrote about it in April. So did Christy at Firedoglake.

Will this now break DeLay and cause him to cop a plea and cooperate in exchange for saving his wife from indictment? Or is the new investigation a sign it's too late for that?

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