Who's Going To Tell Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Lieberman, Rove . . .?

(Guest Post by Big Tent Democrat)

Via TNR, Slate reportsRudy saying no to the New McCarthyism:

As [Rudy Giuliaini] answered the last of the three questions from reporters, he talked about the root causes of terrorism: "oppressive governments that demagogue and blame and project their problems other places and do nothing to solve the problems of their own people."

"Sounds like the Democrats," shouted a man. The crowd roared.

. . . "Time out," [Giuliani] said . . .The other thing we have to learn is that we can't get into this partisan bickering. The fact is that Republicans and Democrats have the same objectives. Democrats are loyal Americans. Republicans are loyal Americans. I think we have better answers, but we have to respect each other."

Say what? No more calling Democrats traitors? No more comparing them to terrorists? What will that leave Rove and Cheney and Rummy and Lieberman? Next thing you know Rudy will be defending gay marriage and the right to choose. I saw that season of the West Wing -- did Alan Alda win? I forget.

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    > Next thing you know Rudy will be defending gay marriage and the right to choose. Uhh ... news flash: Rudy IS pro-choice and favors gay rights, if not gay marriage. He was also a hell of a mayor and would be ten times the president Hillary would be.

    Yes, Rudy doesn't want to call Democrats "traitors". Now maybe BTD can find it in his heart to stop calling Republicans, like Bush and Rove and Cheney and Rummy, "stupid" and "liars". Or is Rudy a bigger man than BTD?

    Wow...talk about damning someone with faint praise.

    Who's Going To Tell Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Lieberman, Rove That... http://www.EarthBall.org Is Coming 2 Camp Democracy On the Washington D.C. Mall, USA, Earth - Sept 5 - 21 See OUR Balls Roll at the Earth Mall Ball Dance 4 Peace .

    Two responses: BushCo seems stupid to me. And I believe they lie. Do Republicans believe Democrats are traitors? I know Rudy supports gay marriage and the right to choose. I was trying sarcasm, thinking that maybe Republicans don't know this.

    If the Republicans are so devoted to wedge issues like being against gay marriage or even gay rights altogether, how do they sit silent under the leadership of Ken Mehlmann who is probably gay? Doesn't anyone want to find out if he is gay or not, for sure? Every aspect of public and private life of every other politico is explored; why not Mehlmann's life-style and sexual orientation? Democrats don't care one way or the other, but shouldn't Mehlmann be painted with his own brush? Does hypocrisy run that deep among the Republicans? Let's get them all out of our government and restore power to the people and liberty and justice for all. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. Apathy must be banished; we need Americans to vote in November. Any fool can see the incumbent Republicans and selfish phonies like Lieberman have to be thrown out to restore honesty to government. Let's get out the vote and trust the people to do what's right...this time. Don't rely on the mainstream media to tell the truth or help our nation; the MSM is bought and paid for or just too rich to do what's right.