NY Times Withheld NSA Article at Election Time

The New York Times' public editor Bryan Calame examines the timing of the Times' NSA article and publisher Bill Keller's decision not to print it just before the 2004 election. The Times published the article on December 16, 2004. Would it have made a difference in the outcome of the election?

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    Keller's own actions answer the question: of course it would have made a difference! Why else would he postpone publishing until well after the election? The NY Times seriously needs to come to terms with its misplaced allegiances - or risk prostituting itself further. More crow Bill?

    I doubt it would have dissuaded the Rapturists from voting for Bush. Of course, this doesn't let the paper of record off the hook for their infinite cowardice.

    This is a perfect example of how misguided, and cowardly, journalism has become... don't publish it "because it will affect the election." Since when has the point of journalism been to avoid causing waves, avoid saying something that might make a difference? How did the DC press and the Congress, two of the most powerful independent and wealthy groups in the USA, get trained into supine silence by the bullies in the White House? What wonderful role models they all are.