New Harris Poll: Democrats Favored in November

The Wall St. Journal (free link) reports on the latest Harris Poll.

When asked whom they would vote for "if elections for Congress were held today," 45% of U.S. adults said they would vote for the Democratic candidate and 30% would vote for the Republican, the Harris Interactive poll shows. In a similar poll in April, 41% supported a Democratic candidate for Congress and 37% supported a Republican.

The margin is even greater for women voters:

Of the 1,008 U.S. adults polled, 50% of women favored a Democratic candidate and 28% a Republican. Among men, 40% said they would vote for the Democrat candidate and 33% for the Republican.

Congress still gets low marks, but not as bad as in May:

When rating the overall job Congress is doing now, 77% of Americans said Congress is doing an "only fair or poor" job, compared with 21% who rated it "excellent or pretty good." That's up from May, when 18% of those polled gave Congress a positive rating and 80% gave it a negative rating.

And Bush stays at a 34% approval rating.

In addition, the poll showed President Bush's approval rating was unchanged from July: Two-thirds of Americans said he is doing an "only fair or poor" job, while 34% said he is doing an "excellent or pretty good" job as president.

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    Well, I would hope so!... I mean, come on, even some of the backwash are sick of Republican scum! Bottom line is, we have had enough of the party of treason, corruption, wholesale thievery, and the most insidious lies ever perpetrated onto the people of this country. Republican scum, just in case you didn't quite get it, that means you! And DINOs who thought they could hide behind Republican Joe Lieberman's coat-tails, you've been warned! Go Progressives!

    Funny that the WSJ would post this EXTREMELY premature polling. Sounds more like WSJ is signaling to the Republican base that UNLESS THINGS CHANGE SOON, ominous change is in the wind. As much as I would love to buy into it, I'm not. The Dems have YET to truly articulate what they collectively stand for - other than standing AGAINST what the Republicans stand for. Too often have the Democrats snatched defeat from the jaws of victory to allow ANYONE to be lulled into a false sense of security come November. Take the fight to the enemy every chance you get and don't stop until AFTER the mid-terms.

    i hate to agree, lavocat, but i do. if anyone can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it's this current crop of dems. unless they start pounding on the fact that the repubbbs not only have not made us safer from terrorism, but actively make lethal decisions which make us less safe(a la forcing the early arrest of the british liquid explosive plot gang) for public relations reasons, they will be swamped by swift boaters.

    Good. Hopefully the Harris poll shows even a bigger increase of Democratic decision makers leading up to the big election in November.