Ohio's Tom Noe to Plead Guilty in Corruption Case

They are falling like a ton of bricks. Today it's Ohio coin dealer and Republican money man Tom Noe. He was one of Bush's most important fundraisers, players, and political operatives in northwest Ohio,

Noe was indicted in state court in February on 53 counts of theft, corruption and money laundering that alleged he stole from a state-run investment fund for injured workers. Earlier, he had been indicted by the feds for illegal contributions to Bush's re-election campaign.

Today he notified the federal court he wanted to plead guilty.

He was accused of giving money directly or indirectly to 24 friends and associates, who then made the campaign contributions in their own names. Federal prosecutors said he did that to skirt the two-thousand-dollar limit on individual contributions.

Here's a timeline for both of Noe's cases. Background from TChris is here and Last Night in Little Rock here.

[Hat tip to Patriot Daily.]

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