Culture of Decadence

by TChris

The culture of corruption morphs into a culture of decadence as federal investigators search for evidence that a defense contractor provided former Rep. Duke Cunningham and other legislators with prostitutes.

A limousine would pick up Cunningham and a prostitute and take them to the ADCS hospitality suite, Wade reportedly told investigators. Federal agents are investigating whether other legislators had similar arrangements with Wilkes or Wade, a business associate of Wilkes who ran his own defense contracting company, MZM Inc. [emphasis added]

Caution: Mitchell Wade will soon be sentenced for bribing Cunningham. People who accuse others to save themselves should be viewed with suspicion. Wade's account is partially corroborated, and the corroboration provides an interesting connection that may also merit the investigators' attention:

Two of Wilkes' former business associates say they were present on several occasions when Shirlington Limousine & Transportation Service of northern Virginia brought prostitutes to the suite. ...

Last year, Shirlington won a $21 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security.

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