Ghost Air Made 74 Landings in Canada

Canadian Government memos, obtained under the Access to Information Act, show that CIA planes carrying detainees to other countries, including those that practice torture, made 74 landings in Canada.

Internal government briefing notes revealed senior intelligence officials from six government agencies, including the Security Intelligence Service, met in late November to discuss the flights.

One memo dated Nov. 28 instructed officials to tell the media that there was ``no credible information to suggest that these planes were used to ferry suspected terrorists to and from Canada, or that illegal activity took place.''

While the U.S. hasn't responded to the reports,

U.S. intelligence officials have said in the past that the planes are more likely to be carrying staff, supplies or Director Porter Goss on his way to a foreign visit.

Right. Tell that to Maher Arar and the others who were secreted away on Ghost Air and taken to countries where they were subjected to torture. [Via Raw Story.]

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