Denver Mayor Nixes Bid for Governor

Denver's wildly popular Mayor, John Hickenlooper, named by Time Magazine as one of the five most influential mayors in the country, just held a news conference to announce his final decision on whether he will run for Governor. The answer is "no." He loves being Mayor and wants to complete the programs he has in the works.

I live-blogged the press conference over at 5280. Up until this morning, speculation was rampant that he was going to run. As late as yesterday, his supporters were giddy with excitement.

My take: Hick made the correct decision, and one that will increase his political capital by leaps and bounds. He demonstrated that he puts the welfare of the people who elected him above personal ambition. How rare is that? He positively glowed with positive energy during the announcement.

I think we'll be calling him Senator Hickenlooper in a few years.

Now Colorado Democrats need to stand firmly behind Bill Ritter so that Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez, who most likely will be his opponent, does not become our next Governor.

I'm adding a link to support Bill's campaign on the right side of TalkLeft. Beauprez will be a formidable opponent. Please donate what you can to Bill. Contrary to what some disgruntled Democrats are saying, his personal views on abortion will not translate into an effort to overturn Coloradan's right to choice. He has chosen a very vocal pro-choice candidate as his running mate. Bill is also personally against the death penalty, but while District Attorney, he initiated death prosecutions in the most egregious cases. In other words, his personal views don't interfere with carrying out the performance of his duties as an elected official.

As a defense lawyer who tried cases against his prosecutors while he was DA, and negotiated many more to pre-trial settlements, and having had numerous discussions with him over the years, I believe he possesses the utmost integrity as well as a genuine commitment to the people of Colorado.

And again, Mayor Hickenlooper gets many kudos from me for making the tough decision not to run and challenge Ritter in a primary, despite the certain support his popularity would have brought to the race.

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    Re: Denver Mayor Nixes Bid for Governor (none / 0) (#1)
    by Quaker in a Basement on Mon Feb 06, 2006 at 12:51:06 PM EST
    As a Denver resident, I hope Mr. Hickenlooper has a long, long career in politics. That said, I'm glad he's staying put as our mayor. He's doing a fine job and I'd like to see some of his initiatives pay off before he moves on to the next level.