Abramoff's Lawyer Abbe Lowell

There's a great profile of Jack Abramoff defender Abbe Lowell in The Forward today.

While I'm happy to be quoted in the article, my comments don't hold a candle to this one by Rep. Barney Frank. For context, remember that Abbe represented House Democrats in the Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings:

"People have a right to a legal defense," he said. "In Clinton's case, there was no crime. In Abramoff's case, there was no defense."

Rep. Frank goes on to say:

That Lowell understood the difference, Frank said, "is a tribute to how good a lawyer he is and how intellectually honest he is."

One can praise the lawyer without praising the client. Which is why I don't hesitate to tell you read Arianna's latest skewering of Abramoff on the Gus Boulis murder.

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