Blogs and Political Influence

Danny Glover has a three part series in the National Journal (available free) on the rise of political blogs and their influence. It really covers the whole spectrum, and I recommend reading all three parts including the interviews with Arianna and Henry Copeland of Blogads.

My favorite part, of course, was reading this from Henry Copeland:

The blogs' combination of undiluted minutia, unvarnished opinion, name-naming and tomorrow's-news-today are a magnet, not only for voters but insiders. So some D.C. player will buy the top slot on Political Wire or TalkLeft or Right Wing News for $100,000 for all of '06, and a couple of years from now, that deal will look as cheap in retrospect as the $900-for-a-year order on Atrios in '03.

I hope he's right.

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