Commission on Bush Crimes Against Humanity

If you are going to be in New York City this weekend, check out the second and final installment of the Commission hearings against Bush for crimes against humanity, to be held at the Riverside Church and Columbia Law School. It is organized by the Not in Our Name Statement of Conscience and is endorsed by: Center for Constitutional Rights, National Lawyers Guild, After Downing Street.org and others. You can register online.

Among the witnesses at the tribunal (full schedule here):

  • former commander of Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski,
  • former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray who exposed the use of information gathered through torture,
  • former arms inspector Scott Ritter,
  • ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern,
  • Dahr Jamail (journalist who has reported extensively from Iraq),
  • Guantanamo prisoners’ lawyer Michael Ratner,

Bush was indicted at the first session. Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern delivered the Indictment to the White House on January 10. The Bush White House has been invited to defend itself at this weekend's hearing.

The formal name of the organization is the International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration.

The indictments allege war crimes and crimes against humanity authorized by the Bush Administration in relation to:

1) Wars of Aggression, particular reference to Iraq and Afghanistan;
2) Torture and Indefinite Detention;
3) Destruction of the Global Environment, distortion of science and obstruction of efforts to stem global warming;
4) Attacks on Global Public Health and Reproductive Rights, potentially genocidal effects of enforcing abstinence-only, and global gag rule concerning abortion; and
5) Failure of Bush administration, despite foreknowledge, to protect life during and after Hurricane Katrina.

You can view the video and documents from the first session held this past October here.

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    Re: Commission on Bush Crimes Against Humanity (none / 0) (#1)
    by Talkleft Visitor on Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 02:33:31 PM EST
    I believe it should be added that these "indictments" have no legal effect in any jurisdiction located in any part of our standard time/space continuum. I also encourage those moderate "liberals" to google some of the names associated with this "indictment", such as Michael Ratner or C. Clark Kissinger. On that note, is there that much of a difference between this "indictment" and the trials held in the Soviet Union?

    Re: Commission on Bush Crimes Against Humanity (none / 0) (#2)
    by soccerdad on Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 03:02:34 PM EST
    Whoever is doing this, and whether it has any legal standing does not change the fact that the US is guilty of war crimes in Iraq, e.g. Fallujah, napalm, cluster munitions, collective punishment, bombing hospitals, complete disregard for civilians, etc. We also know that the winners are never prosecuted.

    Re: Commission on Bush Crimes Against Humanity (none / 0) (#3)
    by pigwiggle on Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 03:46:39 PM EST
    Pffftht… You are all invited over to my house for the trial of UN secretary-general Kofi Annan for his complicity in the atrocities inflicted on the innocent people of Iraq during a decade of UN sponsored sanctions. I’ve asked him, but I don’t think he’ll show. Right …