New Poll: Most Americans Believe Corruption is Widespread

A new Washington Post-ABC poll finds that most Americans think the corruption in Washington is widespread.

The survey found that 58 percent of Americans believe the Abramoff case is evidence of "widespread corruption in Washington," while barely a third -- 34 percent -- say it is limited to just a few individuals. The public thinks corruption is far more prevalent in Washington than it is in their state or local governments.

Hardball today contained a report noting that Jack Abramoff was disqualified from running for office in the 6th grade because he overspent his campaign limit.

That's just silly news. As was the "interesting" tidbit that Abramoff and Monica Lewinsky attended the same L.A. elementary school.

With all the hard news on the scandals that abounds, that was a waste of airtime.

[Graphic created exclusively for TalkLeft by C.L.]

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