Who Else is the Government Wiring?

Reading Last Night in Little Rock's earlier post on Time Magzine's disclosure that former Rep. Randy Cunningham wore a wire after he began cooperating with the Government, makes me wonder, who else has been recording their associates on behalf of the Government in an attempt to get leniency for their own misdeeds in the various political scandals.

How about Jack Abramoff? As his attorney Abbe Lowell said, he had been cooperating in hopes of a deal for about 18 months.

Abramoff attorney Abbe Lowell said in a released statement that 18 months ago Abramoff made contact with prosecutors “to admit his wrongdoing and to seek forgiveness from those he has wronged. He intends to continue to work with the Justice Department and others to fully resolve all matters of interest, to provide restitution to anyone he has harmed, and to seek absolution from all.”

The possibilities are close to endless. Did they get Michael Scanlon to wear a wire? Rep. Robert Ney? How about those who took deals in PlameGate? Would Karl Rove wear one to nail someone else and avoid going to jail? Will we see Congressmen do patdowns of each other before sitting down in fancy restaurants when they meet for lunch?

How debasing. Wires are what the DEA makes lowlife informants wear when making a drug buy. I wonder if Cunningham will ever feel clean again.

[Graphic exlcusive to TalkLeft.]

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