It's Official: Ana Marie Leaves Wonkette

The new law blog at the Wall St. Journal reported Monday that Ana Marie Cox will be leaving Wonkette and replaced by David Lat, the male prosecutor who authored Underneath Their Robes pretending to be a female named Article Three Groupie. Lat has left his job with the U.S. Attorney's office in Newark to write Wonkette.

As I wrote here, count me as underwhelmed. The few times I read Underneath Their Robes, Lat was praising conservative judges to the hilt. His favorite word was "hottie." I'll try to give him a chance, but if he turns Wonkette into a praise machine for conservatives, I'm done.

Ana Marie confirms the arrangement today in the Washington Post. I'll miss her voice in the blogosphere. Good luck to Ana Marie, I hope your new book Dog Days, is a great seller.

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    Re: It's Official: Ana Marie Leaves Wonkette (none / 0) (#1)
    by cpinva on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 11:38:24 AM EST
    count me in as even more underwhelmed at ms. cox's departure. so what? i found her blog stunningly dull, her "observations" seemingly fueled by copius drinking and TMI sex. her single most embarrasing public moment had to be her guest commentating at the democratic national convention. her fellow commentators were just as clearly embarrased to be seen with her, as well they should have been. in their defense, they had nothing to do with her hiring, that was the network. i believe my first encounter with "wonkette" was as the result of ms. cox's outing as the author. i went, i saw, i didn't stick around. for the most part, ms. cox's drivelings were among the most vapid on the blogosphere; pathetic attempts to project a wannabe sorority party girl persona. it didn't work, it merely came off as pathetic. arriana huffington's blog, by comparison, came in only a distant second, which is saying a lot.