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Say hello to the new Wall Street Journal Law Page, and its new law blog, written by Peter Lattman, formerly a journalist with Forbes and before that a lawyer. It looks very promising. The new law page is available only to subscribers, and I'm not sure if the law blog is free or not. However, it includes free links to some of the Journal's regular articles.

The Journal explains the additions here.

Today, WSJ.com introduces its new Law Page, covering law, business and the business of law. We will be writing about news, trends and buzz for lawyers at firms and in-house law departments, as well as the business people who work with them.

There's a funny article today (free link) on boxing promotor Don King, who has rehired his former lawyer and nemesis, Judd Bernstein, to represent him in a lawsuit filed against one of Bernstein's former clients. Conflict issues apparently will be resolved by the court.

The acrimony between the two has been so intense over the years that Mr. Burstein once referred to the promoter as a "cancer" on boxing. Mr. King described Mr. Burstein as an "insidious insect.

But now, Mr. Burstein finds himself in Mr. King's corner. The pugnacious attorney has switched sides and is representing the fight promoter in a lawsuit against Christopher Byrd, the International Boxing Federation heavyweight champ, whom Mr. Burstein recently represented in a suit against Mr. King. "It's good to have him on my payroll now," Mr. King says of Mr. Burstein.

I have found the Wall St. Journal to be an excellent news source the past few years, particularly on crime and politics issues. I just skip over the editorial pages. Also, every night I receive an e-mail from them with free links to various articles they are running the next day. If their selection doesn't include an article I think TalkLeft readers would be interested in, I e-mail them and ask for a free link to that article. They've never refused.

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