Did Pirro's Husband Plot Against Her Senate Race?

The New York Post has an incredible story today alleging that Al Pirro, Jeanine's husband, was behind the recent requests by Republican higher-ups for Jeanine to drop the Senate race and run for Attorney General instead. [Via Kevin Drum]

Jeanine Pirro's own husband is working against her in her bid for the U.S. Senate, sneaking around behind her back to lobby a state Republican leader to get her to drop out of the race, sources told The Post. Gov. Pataki also was part of the extraordinary plot to get the Westchester County DA — whom he endorsed for the race before becoming convinced she wasn't up to the effort — to throw in the towel and run for attorney general, not for Senate against Hillary Rodham Clinton, The Post has learned.

Details of the request are here. TalkLeft background on Al Pirro is here. Also see TChris's Pirro Plays the Crime Card.

If you missed my post on why I'm covering Jeanine's run, it's here.

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  • Yes, yes... but really you MUST understand the Pirros better. All that's happening here is a fake groundswell is being generated (with - if it can be imagined - Jeanine drawing with her toes in the sand and saying, "Aw shucks, if you all want me to run for AG, then I guess I should"). The Journal News (yes, even the JN!) have got this take (laughably refered to as a "Plot") exactly right with their Opinion, "More likely, considering Al Pirro's political connections: the makings of a coordinated campaign to see that a "spontaneous" groundswell of support drafts Jeanine Pirro for a New York attorney general run." Frankly - with all the Mob dirt attached to her and Al - the idea of her as AG is frightening and should be to all! (that is, unless you're in the Mob).