Murder Inc's Irv Gotti Acquitted of Money Laundering

Hearty congrats to defense lawyers Gerry Schargel and Jerry Lefcourt who won an acquittal today in federal court in New York for Murder, Inc's Irv Gotti (aka Irving Lorenzo) and his brother Christopher on money laundering charges.

As the jury's decision was announced, people in the courtroom erupted in cheers. A few jurors asked to meet with the brothers to hug and congratulate them.

Juror Gloria Menzies had this comment:

"They had nothing to pin on these two guys," Menzies said. "It was so weak."

The defense:

"There's nothing illegal about knowing a criminal, about socializing with a criminal, even doing business with a criminal, unless you commit a crime," said defense attorney Gerald Shargel. "Irv and Chris Lorenzo committed no crime."

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