Raw Story: Rove Will Be Charged or Plead Guilty

Raw Story has an article up about Rove's aide Susan Ralston being recalled to the grand jury to testify again about why she didn't log a telephone call between Matthew Cooper and Karl Rove in July, 2003. Raw Story reports Ralston intitially said that the call came in to the White House switchboard rather than Rove's office, but Fitzgerald later obtained documentary evidence that wasn't the case. According to Raw Story, during her second grand jury session, she testified Karl Rove told her not to log that call and others.

However, the bigger news in the article, if true, is this:

Two things are clear, the sources said: either Rove will agree to enter into a plea deal with Fitzgerald or he will be charged with a crime, but he will not be exonerated for the role he played in the leak.

Raw Story also reports sources believe the charge or charges will be making a false statement to investigators and/or obstruction.

I have opined many times that Rove will take a deal if he can get Fitzgerald to limit the charge to making a false statement to investigators and to agree to recommend a sentence reduction to a probationary or home detention range. [More on that here.] I don't think Fitz was willing to consider this until Rove came forward days before Libby's indictment with his 11th hour new evidence. I think Fitz held off on indicting Rove either because they made a last minute deal or Fitz agreed to consider a no-jail deal if Rove's new evidence held up after investigation by his FBI agents or the new grand jury.

Another sentence in today's Raw Story article makes me think this might be the case:

If Rove does agree to a plea, Fitzgerald is not expected to discuss any aspect of his probe into the President’s senior adviser because Rove may be called to testify as a prosecution witness against I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

In other words, Rove won't be sentenced until his cooperation is over and Fitz can see he fulfilled his end of the bargain.

I have also opined that if Fitz refuses to limit the charges and sentencing exposure to a probationary or home detention range, Rove will decide to fight like hell.

More at Did Rover Roll Over.

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    I'm reminded of a piece of paper I found in my father's apartment while packing things up after he passed away. On it, he'd written, "laws are like a spider's web...flies and gnats get caught while wasps and hornets just pass through." The idea of Rove squirming his way out of serious jeopardy on this is saddening.

    Re: Raw Story: Rove Will Be Charged or Plead Guilt (none / 0) (#2)
    by Edger on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:06:29 PM EST
    The idea of Rove squirming his way out of serious jeopardy on this is saddening. Somehow I just can't imagine Rove going down, even on a minor charge, without turning vicious on someone and ruining them. I recall posting this story about Rove awhile back on the "Unanswerd Questions" thread. It's rather telling about his true character...

    Maybe Rove is already singing for Fritzgerald? Those emails to Tomlinson came to light a day after he said he would have a good weekend. And those emails to Abramoff and Scanlon came to light the next Tuesday. Maybe a tinfoil hat idea - but maybe worth checking out.

    Sailmaker, it's not tinfoil at all. Prosecutors often give defendants a sentencing break for providing information about crimes other than those that got them in hot water. It is worth checking out.