Cheney Replaces Libby with Addington and Hannah

by TChris

Scooter Libby’s arraignment, where he is likely to enter a plea of not guilty, has been scheduled for Thursday. Vice President Cheney today replaced Libby with two staff members:

Cheney picked David Addington to serve as his chief of staff and John Hannah to take over Libby's duties as assistant to the vice president for national security affairs.

As TalkLeft noted here, Addington “attended strategy sessions in 2003 on how to discredit Wilson when the former ambassador publicly charged that the Bush administration misled the country in pushing its case for war,” and he “played a leading role in 2004 on behalf of the Bush administration when it refused to give the Senate Intelligence Committee documents from Libby's office on the alleged misuse of intelligence information regarding Iraq.” Addington seems to be Libby’s “mini-me,” and Hannah was also involved in the Plame outing, a fact that TalkLeft discusses here and here. Their new roles assure that it will be business as usual in Cheney’s office.

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    The conspiracy in the VP's office, or rather this particular conspiracy out of several, has been exposed. At the least, I expect that Fitzgerald will be making some more little indians fall from that office, if not from the one next door. Start the pool on Addington's tenure in the new post. I bid six weeks.

    does anyone else think that Cheney's real portfolio is dirty tricks? Or is that just way too paranoid?

    No, Dickie is the backroom boy, who coordinates the corporate graft, the kickbacks, the deregulation for criminal polluters and gougers and warmongers. He does dirty tricks over his cafe au sangre breaks. It's how he gets kicks, other than having sex with chickens.