Lexis-Nexis on Miers' Qualifications

Lexis-Nexis has just issued a press release with the results of its search of court cases involving Harriet Miers. The report is free and available here. (pdf).

Lexis also searched for cases involving others named as potential nominees. According to the LexisNexis database, Miers has been involved 16 cases. The others, it notes, have far more experience. Of course, most of those are judges who write opinions for a living.

What's key here is a reminder of who might be appointed if Ms. Miers' nomination is defeated.

J. Michael Luttig, Samuel A. Alito Jr., Michael W. McConnell, and Alberto Gonzales have been pushed to the top of the short list of leading potential nominees. Others like J. Harvie Wilkinson, Priscilla Richman Owen and Edith Hollan Jones are generating considerable mentions.

Lexis also notes that Larry D. Thompson, now general counsel for Pepsico and a former deputy U.S. Attorney General and federal prosecutor, has close to 70 opinions under his name.

While no mention is made of 5th Circuit Justice Edward Prado, who was my personal favorite for the job, it seems that Ms. Miers may be the least conservative of the bunch - and far preferable to any of the judges mentioned on Lexis' list.

[hat tip: How Appealing]

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