Report Faults U.S. in Detainee Death Investigations

Human Rights First has released a report finding serious flaws in the investigations conducted by the U.S. into the death of 27 detainees.

The details are staggering – for example, evidence, including a bag of body parts, left on an airport tarmac that exploded from the heat and investigations so vague that the date of death falls within a 5-month span.

This is of critical relevance given the White House’s and House of Representatives' attempts to kill or water down the McCain Anti-Torture Amendment.

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    This is just more evidence of the same casual racism by the traitors in the US military brass. The most unprofessional gang of thugs imaginable. Not one of whom resigned for the abject failure of NORAD on Nine-eleven.

    I have to question the investigative skills or more importantly the integrity of an organization that wants me to take them seriously when they report that a bag of body parts exploded. I have no doubt that the U.S. military botched an investigation in which many of their own could have been to blame for unjustified deaths of detainees, but Human Rights First may not be the most credible sourse if exploding body parts is the far fetched example they choose to pass off as fact.

    Billy Boy: It is a common forensic fact that human body parts, if sealed and exposed to heat, will expand well beyond their original size and, in some cases, actually explode or, at least, rupture and ooze. When you think "explode", think grotesquely large popping zit NOT a grenade going off. Seriously nasty stuff! However, because most people do not realize this, you are right, they should have led with something much more believable. Still, I find the whole matter laughable; the U.S. doesn't want an investigation. Far from it; what it wants is a nice cover-up and for the media to just go away. Pretty please? Just let us get on with our indiscriminate killing of innocents, will ya!? Christ, dontcha know that there's a WAR ON!!!???

    Re: Report Faults U.S. in Detainee Death Investiga (none / 0) (#4)
    by wg on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:05:13 PM EST
    Balkin's blog cited above has a link to the McCain's amendment. Surprisingly, to me at least, the amendment goes further than originally believed. It prohibits:
    "cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment" of "any individual in the custody or control of the US government" regardless of "nationality or physical location".
    So this is not only DoD - CIA, FBI, police, prisons, etc. would be affected by it too. It is for this reason I believe the chances of it passing the current round of negotiations are close to zero. Note the amendment does not criminalize these things -- that is the conduct is prohibited but no penalties are prescribed. Compare it with jaywalking which is fully criminalized in US statues -- engaging in jaywalking is prohibited and penalties are explicitly spelled out. No so with torture and abuse even with the McCain's Amendment. So even assuming the amendment passes we'll still be far behind where the rest of the civilized world is these days. -- Those who try to defend the dignity of US judicial system, an admirable task I admit, often point to Due Process Clause under which conduct that would "shock the conscience" is presumably prohibited. Or so the doctrine holds. The problem here is that this is purely theoretical argument, and the reality out there clearly shows that the legal system treats it as such.