The Leaks Probe: Andrea Mitchell, Cheney and Ari

There's a great post today byAttytood on Andrea Mitchell, Cheney and that July, 2003 White House's 90th birthday reception for Gerald Ford. Remember, Fitzgerald subpoenaed the guest list.

And, it was not just a birthday party for Gerald Ford. There was a co-honoree, as I recall from doing research on this months ago -Allan Greenspan, who just happens to be married to Andrea Mitchell. I believe she was at that party. So she might know why Fitzgerald was interested in that guest list. She never talks about it.

Also, read Arianna and Digby about how surreal it is to watch Tim Russert and Andrea Mitchell discuss the case on tv without either of them saying they had been a part of it. Digby links to last Tuesday night's Hardball Transcript. I was reading it and noticed something I never quite caught before. Mitchell said it was Colin Powell who testified Ari Fleischer read the June 9 classified memo on Air Force One:

That document was circulated on Air Force One as the president was flying to Africa, that Ari Fletcher saw it, Colin Powell testified to that. And that could be one of the key facts in this.

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    Re: The Leaks Probe: Andrea Mitchell, Cheney and A (none / 0) (#1)
    by squeaky on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:05:05 PM EST
    A few more Cheney drones were asked to testify. Maybe Smirk will lose his Scowl. We can only hope, as the bloodhounds howl hotly, closing in on the scent of leakers.
    Fitzgerald has questioned Cheney's communications adviser Catherine Martin and former spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise and ex-White House aide Jim Wilkinson about the vice president's knowledge of the anti-Wilson campaign and his dealings on it with Libby, his chief of staff, the people said. The information came from multiple sources, who requested anonymity because of the secrecy and political sensitivity of the investigation.
    war and peace

    Wilkinson is complicit in war crimes, and most probably complicit in the Plame treason. He is also privy to the conspiracy, and a traitor on that count as well. He's also the guy responsible for the Gore-Internet LIE that Jim toadies about here to this day. A Golden Moldy. The more you learn, the more it really is Meet the F'ers.