Things I Did and Didn't Say About Harriet Miers

It probably was bound to happen now that three lawyers are writing for Talkleft. The National Journal's Blogometer quotes me as saying:

"Miers falls into the black hole of controversial nominees that "Advise and Consent" should reject.

Not so. I do not think Harriet Miers is controversial or should be rejected. That particular post clearly states it was written by Last Night in Little Rock, who is John Wesley Hall.

For those of you who are new to TalkLeft, all posts are written by Jeralyn Merritt unless they say at the top "by TChris" or "by Last Night in Little Rock." TChris is T. Christopher Kelly. The Blogometer has graciously agreed to correct its post, but it probably has already gone to Lexis as being written by me so I wanted to correct the record.

As to things I did say, here's an audio interview (mp3) that Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush and I did yesterday for BBC World News Radio on Ms. Miers.

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    Re: Things I Did and Didn't Say About Harriet Mier (none / 0) (#1)
    by squeaky on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:04:40 PM EST
    Nice interview on the BBC Jeralyn!! Gosh it hadn't occured to me that Bush would get a third pick with Steven's retirement. Hope Bush is impeached before then.

    Re: Things I Did and Didn't Say About Harriet Mier (none / 0) (#2)
    by ras on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:04:40 PM EST
    I didn't see the BBC interview; I'll look for it. Jeralyn, I'd give it 2:1 odds that you're gonna be on the losing side in this iternecine squabble, tho, and that the D's will move to filibuster HM. Reid will withdraw his recommendation and be sacrificed for the good of the Party. Huzzaba the rest of you, you gonna let Bush appoint his personal lawyer and a born-again evangelist - on Harry Reid's recommendation! Ha! - w/out a fight? Really? 'Course if you fb and lose, you lose big. Maybe better to play safe and let her thru ... um, as a precedent. Your call. Me, I'm just enjoyin' the show. You're on!

    It's a gamble allright. If this pick isn't a Scalia/Thomas clone the hard right is going to stay home in droves next election, because why would they support a party that betrayed them? Add that to the stench of corruption that comes from having both GOP legislative leaders and a couple of former WH staffers under indictment, and yep...I'll just lean back and enjoy watching.

    Jeralyn, wouldn't the best solution be to just have your name on your posts as well? Just a friendly suggestion! :) Drew

    Hi Jeralyn, I agree with Drew. I've asked the question before about who writes the unidentified posts. You replied that all posts not attributed to anyone should are from you. Of course, that won't stop others from saying you wrote something that TChris or Last Night might have written, if they miss the name attached to the post. Not sure of how to solve that problem. Perhaps you can chnage the font color and weight (make it blue and bold) for the name of the person posting - much like Drew's comment above. Cheers, Key

    Re: Things I Did and Didn't Say About Harriet Mier (none / 0) (#6)
    by pigwiggle on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:04:42 PM EST
    Jeralyn- I’ve enjoyed myself quite a bit posting at TalkLeft, and as one of the more conservative voices here I appreciate TalkLeft’s egalitarian posting policies. The open debate and compilation of significant news makes for a great blog. So good in fact that I not only have spent more time here than I should, I had made regular donations to TL part of my entertainment budget. Anyway, for what it’s worth, I think it’s important to explain why I haven’t felt much like visiting TL lately. In the beginning of September Last Night in Little Rock posted three successive cuts at the NRA for their alleged silence in response to the New Orleans gun confiscation; eluding in a not so subtle way that this ‘silence’ was evidence of the NRA’s racist character. At the third posting I pointed out that the NRA had in fact spoken out the same day Last Night in Little Rock posted the very first cut. My comment along with the successive posts was taken down and the first post was amended (inaccurately) to indicate the NRA responded after Last Night in Little Rock's initial post. I thought a correction would have been a better than taking down the posts, but whatever. Unfortunately, only a few days after the ‘correction’ Last Night in Little Rock was at it again with another post about the NRA’s slow reaction; perhaps he was under the impression the TL community had missed the slight of hand regarding the vanishing posts and the inaccurate correction. I’m still waiting for Last Night in Little Rock to post about the NRA’s victory in obtaining a restraining order to bar further gun confiscations. I wont hold my breath, the story is already two weeks old; or perhaps it can be inserted and postdated in the same fashion the previous posts vanished. So, what’s the point of this rant? Credibility (in my eyes) can be had by admitting mistakes, not by amending their record. What can be said about the character of someone who is so rabid to point out the tardiness of another party’s response it is missed altogether, and then (incredibly) is absolutely silent when this same party wins a substantial victory over the very wrong they were accused of ignoring? This is about the credibility and quality of TalkLeft. No one will likely miss the comments of one argumentative libertarian; but certainly everyone will take notice of inaccurate, slanted, and vanishing posts, no matter who posted them.

    I am the only one who can delete comments on talkleft. You must have used objectionable language or insults or I wouldn't have deleted them. As for the substance of the forward your comment to LNILR, maybe he'll respond. I hope you stick around.

    Re: Things I Did and Didn't Say About Harriet Mier (none / 0) (#8)
    by pigwiggle on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:04:43 PM EST
    You misunderstand; my comments were taken down along with the post. I still read TL and post intermittently; it’s just a bit disappointing to see whole posts vanish when the bias is exposed. The debate seems a bit pointless when the record can be capriciously remade or removed.

    Re: Things I Did and Didn't Say About Harriet Mier (none / 0) (#9)
    by squeaky on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:04:43 PM EST
    PW-Better put, the post was taken down and all comments went with it (a very few or just your one). I copied your comment to another thread as I was in the midst of responding to it ( I resucitated it from my browsers cache). So in fact LNILR's post was deleted but your comment lives on in the archives. As much as I disagreed with many of your posts I am glad you are back. Perhaps next time try to clear up bad feelings sooner, they are not worth holding on to.