NOLA Chief Says Nagin Forced Him Out

by Last Night in Little Rock

NOLA.com reports today that NOPD Police Chief Ray Compass told friends and fellow officers immediately after announcing his retirement that Mayor Ray Nagin forced him out.

Two days ago, we reported here that the retirement would take place after a "transition period." The NOLA.com article makes it clear that Compass is out. CNN tonight had his replacement on tonight.

Under the headline: "Chief fired after heated confrontation / 'He had tears in his eyes. He didn't want to go.'"

At a hastily called news conference Tuesday with Nagin in attendance, Compass announced that he was retiring. When asked by a reporter whether Compass was being forced out, Nagin said no.

But after the announcement, Compass returned to a cruise ship where he and other displaced officers had been living, where they say he told them he had been forced to resign.

"He was going around telling officers, including myself, it wasn't his doing, that he would've never quit," said a high-ranking officer who asked not to be named. "He had tears in his eyes. He didn't want to go."

Another officer said Compass told him, "You work at the pleasure of the mayor. This was not my decision."

Nagin later named Assistant Superintendent Warren Riley as acting superintendent.

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