Pentagon IG Under Investigation For Slowing Investigation of Bush Appointees

by Last Night in Little Rock

As noted in the previous post, the Homeland Security Inspector General is looking into favoritism in letting no bid contracts to Bush Administration cronies. But, over at the Pentagon, the IG finds himself under investigation for allegedly slowing investigations of Bush appointees, as reported in today's LA Times.

A Bush appointee as Inspector General anywhere is as absurd as Bush leading an investigation into the federal government's completely screwing up the Katrina response. Remember, Bush is the guy who admittedly doesn't even read or watch the news as noted here. He's they guy who needs all briefing memos less than two pages because that's his attenion span.

He also said on national television: "You're doing one heck of a job, Brownie." I watched it live. If the disaster and the stupidity weren't so monumental and so sad, I would have laughed. I wanted to cry, for the victims and my country.

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