Schwarzenegger to Announce Re-election Bid Friday

Gov. Arnie spoke in California today and broadly hinted he will run for Governor again. He said to expect an official announcement Friday.

So far, two Democrats have announced their intention to run, state Treasurer Phil Angelides and Controller Steve Westly. I doubt either stand a chance. How about Robin Williams?

With Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's popularity plummeting, a growing number of Democrats are asking whether state Treasurer Phil Angelides and Controller Steve Westly should be the party's only choices for governor.

Prominent Democrats ranging from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and former Rep. Leon Panetta to non-politicians such as businessman Steve Jobs and comedian Robin Williams are mentioned in the quiet conversations of Democratic activists, although no one is saying anything -- at least publicly -- about jumping into the race

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  • As with the execrable Bush, the regrettable Schwartzenegger cannot be RE-elected, since only vote-fraud put him into power in 2003. If he runs for office in a fair election, he will be treated like the dogcatcher who stole the widow's puppies.

    Arnie is history. The novelty has worn off.

    Re: Schwarzenegger to Announce Re-election Bid Fri (none / 0) (#3)
    by cpinva on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:03:51 PM EST
    Arnie is history. The novelty has worn off.
    i wouldn't be so sure, that's what i (quite reasonably) thought about bush in 2004. the world is full of stupid people.

    the regrettable Schwartzenegger cannot be RE-elected, since only vote-fraud put him into power in 2003.
    what are you talking about?

    You don't know? We CAUGHT Diebold: 1) Illegally installing, illegally removing the voting software (they failed to notify either county or state, as required by their contract. They also removed the software within days of the election -- which is illegal because it voids any chance of a machine recount or investigation. Since the software is SECRET, such an investigation would be impossible. An election based on secret software is inherently illegal for that reason). 2) The recall and election was based on UNTESTED, UNCERTIFIED software. The software installed has neither federal nor state testing and certification, as required by law, but were in fact 'hot loads' direct from Diebold. Such software voids the recall/election. 3) Diebold techs, PRESENT IN THE VOTING ROOM, were allowed to move vote blocks between candidates, without any documentation of their actions. They were allowed to access the counting computers any number of times, without any documenting of their actions. That inherently voids the election. In one case, they reportedly transfered 5,000 votes entered for Bustamante, which the software recorded as votes for another candidate. How many times did the software make such vote-switching mistakes? 4) Let's check the paper trail to find out. Oops, no paper trail. Just have to take Diebold's word for the election result. Such a reliance voids recount rights, and voids the recall/election. Computer technicians are not legally qualified to involve themselves in the counting process. If a machine error occurs, there must be a FORMAL investigation. You don't let the bank teller deposit the amount they THINK should go into your account, but at least the bank teller is an official. A Diebold tech is not an election official. There are additional issues involved, not least of which is that the companies which operate these secret-software voting systems are ON THE RECORD supporting specific candidates, and promising their election. Wah? Only in Bush's Amerika. Those companies, and the testing/certification companies, are ALL run by rightwing Republicans. Does that sound like a legal voting system? No, it's not. And there is evidence of bribery of voting officials to go with the local and state PARTISAN approval of these fake voting-systems. SecState Steven Shelley was pressured into certifying the 2003 coups, in exchange for a law which promised a return of papertrails in 2006. With another secret-software NO PAPER TRAIL $50 million special election to be held one month before that right is returned, partisan voting officials and gov't officials are busily dismantling that promised law. THIRTY STATES HAVE LOST THEIR RECOUNT RIGHTS. Included in them is Ohio, where Bush did NOT win in Ohio, losing the presidential election. We CAUGHT Triad Systems changing out circuit boards in counting computers, an Ohio felony, and profering FALSE COUNTS to be given INSTEAD of "whatever the machine says," another set of felonies. The Bush (in)Justice Dept. refused to investigate these obvious, affidavited, election-invalidating FRAUDS. Because the FBI doesn't investigate felonies that involve their masters.

    Kevin, meet PIL. PIL, Kevin.

    Trolls simply don't like facts.

    Re: Schwarzenegger to Announce Re-election Bid Fri (none / 0) (#8)
    by peacrevol on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:03:53 PM EST
    I'm not sure if he's really announcing a re-election bid. All he said was "I'll be back"