Rep. DeLay's Political Action Committee Indicted in Austin

by Last Night in Little Rock

An indictment against the political action committee formed Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX,22) was released today in Austin, TX. No individuals were charged with any wrongdoing, including Rep. DeLay.

The Texans for a Republican Majority and Texas Association of Business worked together to circumvent the election code and funnel corporate money into campaigns, [Travis County DA] Earle said.

The charge against Texans for a Republican Majority alleged the committee illegally accepted a political contribution of $100,000 from the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care.

Four indictments against the Texas Association of Business include charges of unlawful political advertising, unlawful contributions to a political committee and unlawful expenditures such as those to a graphics company and political candidates.

There previously were other indictments, as reported in the same story:

A grand jury last fall indicted three officials with Texans for a Republican Majority. John Colyandro and Jim Ellis each were accused of one count of money laundering. Colyandro also faces 13 counts of unlawful acceptance of a corporate political contribution.

Washington fundraiser Warren Robold was indicted on charges of accepting or making corporate donations. All are now awaiting trial.

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  • Five felony counts is still more than nothing, Last Night. A victory for justice is still a victory, even if it's still a small victory.