A TalkLeft Post at HuffPo

Last week, TalkLeft contributer Last Night in Little Rock, aka John Wesley Hall, wrote a moving post about his wife's trip to Crawford. Arianna really liked it and asked me if I'd like to post it at Huffington Post. Of course, my answer was yes. Here it is. Thanks, Arianna!

Update: John Amato of Crooks and Liars has a post at HuffPo too - on the she-pundit with long blonde hair.

....when the Twin Towers fell, I saw only brave men and women trying to save the lives of others with no regard for their own safety as white ash descended down upon them. The amount of courage shown by the citizens of New York was unheralded by anyone's standards, and all of America has been proud of the way New York stood tall while their highest buildings came down that tragic day.

By calling New Yorkers cowards, Coulter has spit in the faces of all the loved ones who suffered the most from one of the most horrific moments in the history of our nation. Being born and raised in Queens, New York, I took this smear particularly to heart.

Listen to what she is saying: All New Yorkers are cowards!

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