Rita Cosby's 'Live and Direct' Debuts on MSNBC

Tonight is the debut for Rita Cosby's 'Live and Direct' on MSNBC. She takes over the 9pm ET slot, formerly held by Tucker Carlson (a show that should go to video already, in my opinion.)

She'll have tough competition up against Hannity & Colmes and even Larry King, but it will be nice to have three choices in that timeslot.

Tonight Rita will have interviews with the two sell-out Jackson jurors who are writing a tell-all about the jury deliberations and now claiming they are sorry they voted to acquit. Yeah, right. It's the only way they could sell the book. I hope Rita gives them a tough time.

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    I'll take Jim Lehrer anyday over these talking heads, I know he isn't on at 9:00 but if your lucky antique roadshow will be!