Michael Jackson Jurors to Write Books Alleging Guilt

Two of Michael Jackson's jurors are going to write books saying they believed he was guilty. No surprise here, the way guilt sells in America.

There ought to be a constitutional way to pass a law prohibiting jurors from writing books profiting off their experiences. Who will speak their mind during deliberations knowing their fellow jurors may pen a tell-all afterwards?

What happens inside the jury room should stay in the jury room. It's none of our business. The verdict is all we need. If something improper happened, like extraneous evidence was introduced, the jurors should tell the lawyers in the case or the Judge who will then decide how to deal with it.

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    If they believed he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but went along with the others because they wanted to go home, then they--and they alone--violated the oath they took. It's hard to see what they could have on anyone else in the jury room, unless other jurors were certain of his guilt but also voted to acquit.

    Mesereau: "Michael Jackson is the biggest target in the world." Proven beyond reasonable doubt by 2 jurors My commentary from my Thomas Mesereau blog/website. Thomas Mesereau made a number of comments referring to Michael Jackson being the biggest target in the world. He was referring to frivolous lawsuits, but lets look at the whole picture that proves his statement. First, here are two excerpts from two different interviews with Mr. Mesereau, giving his opinion as stated above. " Michael Jackson is the biggest target in the world. America is lawsuit crazy. People look at Michael Jackson as someone who is a childlike, naive, creative soul who likes to sit in a tree and create music, and also happens to generate hundreds of millions of dollars and has had more frivolous lawsuits directed at him than any person i have encountered. BBC LINK" "We are obsessed with celebrity trials. It's become an industry of pundits who really are trying to be movie stars and not real legal experts. And it's just -- it just reached the bottom of the barrel in this case. LINK" With the news of the two jurors changing their opinion on guilt, in my opinion simply to sell more books, this belief that Michael Jackson is the biggest target in the world reaches beyond lawsuits, it also proves the defense assertion that the "witnesses" for the 1108 and other charges were simply looking to either make money, or to get back at him for winning lawsuits against them for selling stories to tabloids and other actions. For all those who believed that no one would make up the stories told by chacon, le marque et al, just look at the last 48 hours. We have JURORS who have changed their stories for a book. Its indisputable. They all voted Not Guilty. They also spoke out publicly that these two may have had some concerns or personal beliefs re past acts, but no proof on this case. So what can the reason be for this change? Simply this. Greed, venality, immorality and a wish to make the most money off Michael Jackson by telling the most shocking or salacious story they can. No different from Le Marque who owed him 1.4 million dollars and had to declare bankruptcy after losing his suit to MJ. No different from Jason Francia's mother who attempted to sell her story to the tabloids for 20k. No different from Chacon, the Arvizos, Bob Jones (who handed out free copies of his tell all to the media during verdict watch). No matter how you feel about the verdict Mr. Mesereau hit the nail on the head. Michael Jackson IS one of the biggest targets in the world..something I had taken with a grain of salt, assuming he made some less than appropriate decisions in business or the people he hired, or let into his house. However these are two people, both over 60, one 79, who didn't know Mr. Jackson in advance, and acquitted him after a 5 month trial. What conceivable reason is there but they see a way to make more money with a "guilty as sin, free as a bird" book, versus the simple truth they espoused post verdict that both of them felt some doubts or personal beliefs re the past but this case wasn't proven. In fact one said he did not believe the accuser. Thomas Mesereau in his usual brilliance, nailed it. And these two jurors proved it. Not only is he the biggest target in the world to make money off of, when you know him, but he is the biggest target even for strangers. Ones who KNEW better. Who voted Not Guilty, and explained why. Yet for a book, their story changes dramatically. Can you seriously believe the woman who called Ms Arvizo "the poorest excuse for a mother she had seen", and contemptuously said "don't snap your fingers at me lady', is now suddenly BULLIED??? for her vote? I cant..don't..wont. There is more chance of my cats bullying me than there is of this tough grandmother letting others bully her...unless she was desperate to stay on the case for her book..but that doesn't work either. They were in deliberations, she had more than enough material to write regarding her belief in Michael Jackson's guilt as a juror without doing the final 3 days or whatever it was. So bullied? Not a chance. Thomas Mesereau laid it out in the trial, that Mr. Jackson has been the target of people selling stories, trying to make money off him, from this criminal case to selling stories to tabloids. Now we have definitive proof of his comments. Even two jurors would rather admit to ignoring their oath in court, to sell more books. "reached the bottom of the barrel" is what Mesereau called the media in the case (with some exceptions). Bottom of the barrel is what these two jurors have reached as well. This is one thing I did not want to see Mr. Mesereau proven right on post verdict. Unfortunately...he was not only correct, but more so than even he realized. There is also an update with quotes, and a third entry (this one is the second one down). link or if that direct link doesnt work use this one and go down to the entry after the death penalty one.