Hearing Tomorrow in Palladium Murder Case

David Lemus and Olmado Hidalgo have been in jail for 14 years for the notorius 1990 New York Palladium murder. They may be innocent. A hearing will be held tomorrow, and a decision to free them, give them a new trial, or leave their convctions and sentences intact could come down within weeks.

The case has taken over the lives of three unlikely allies: A former prosecutor, a former detective and the jury forewoman. All are working to free the men.

Dan Slepian, the "Dateline" producer who has been following the case since 2002, says he finds the devotion of Mr. Cohen, Mr. Addolorato and Ms. Kramer remarkable. "The ultimate truth of what happened that night, while important, is in many ways less interesting then these three people," he said. "Here you have three former strangers who have come together to fight for what they believe is the truth."

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