ACLU: DOD Officials Impersonated Others to Interrogate

Bump and Update: ACLU wins photos.

Orig Post 5/26

The ACLU is back in court today, charging that that the FBI documents they received show that Defense Department personnel impersonated State Department officials in Guantánamo Interrogations. The ACLU says the Defense Department And CIA are illegally refusing to turn over photos and documents regarding the torture of prisoners. [Press release to be online soon.]

In the past, it has come to light that DoD officials impersonated FBI agents, but now it appears they impersonated state department officials as well. Today's documents are online here.

The documents released by the ACLU today are different versions of documents that the FBI provided to the ACLU several months ago. One of the new documents which was previously redacted refers to “information concerning impersonation by DOD interrogators at Guantánamo representing themselves to be officials of the FBI and U.S. State Department.” The remainder of the document is almost entirely redacted. Another of the newly released documents, dated January 2004, suggests that the FBI would “finally make an arrest” in relation to the “interrogations in June 2003 when an FBI agent was impersonated.”

At today's hearing in New York,

...the ACLU will seek the disclosure of Department of Justice memoranda relating to CIA interrogation methods and a Presidential directive authorizing the CIA to set up secret detention centers in other countries. Although the documents have been referenced in media reports, the CIA has refused even to confirm or deny that the documents exist. The ACLU will also seek the disclosure of photographs of abuse and Defense Department documents relating to concerns raised by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The hearing will continue May 31.

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