Chief Abuser's Ex-Wife : He Was Hannibal Lecter

Staci Morris, the ex-wife of chief Abu Ghraib abuser Charles Graner, was subpoenaed as a defense witness for Lynndie England in her sentencing trial. After the hearing was cancelled yesterday, she was interviewed by Reuters.

She calls Graner, a former U.S. prison guard, the Hannibal Lecter in her life. These are not new claims. We reported them a year ago here.

She says Lynndie England was disappointed Graner botched her deal:

"He screws up everything, doesn't he?" a disappointed England told Morris about Graner after the judge ruled that trial would have to start from scratch in the future.

She describes in detail the sick e-mails and pictures Graner sent home to his kids.

Morris, 34, a nurse who has remarried and lives outside Pittsburgh, said the former U.S. prison guard now serving a 10-year sentence would proudly e-mail his children photos showing tough treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

He would send photos of "these beat up prisoners and blood and talk about how cool it was - look what daddy gets to do," she said, adding that she did not show them the correspondence.

Graner transmitted pictures of the mentally ill prisoner who was the man at the end of England's leash. In one photo the man was covered in his feces....Some of the e-mails Graner sent to family and friends were cited in his January court-martial.

Morris says their children are sorry he didn't get a longer sentence:

When the news of American abuse of Iraqi prisoners spread last year, Morris said she knew Graner was involved because of his e-mails, and she struggled to tell their children. "How do you explain something like that? My daughter, all she wanted to know was why," she said. "I had them in counseling again."

After a military court sentenced their father to 10 out of a maximum 15-year sentence, the children remained bitter. "They thought he didn't get enough time," Morris said.

[link via Raw Story.]

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    Re: Chief Abuser's Ex-Wife : He Was Hannibal Lecte (none / 0) (#2)
    by DawesFred60 on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 12:58:48 PM EST
    My,My, both the left and right want this little guy to take the fall. total propaganda.