Blogging the British Elections, Journalistically

Markos of Daily Kos is in London where he'll be writing for the Guardian:

I'll be writing for the main Guardian site as well as its blog over the next week. My job is to compare and contrast the British elections with the ones we had back home. In two words? Bizarro World. More on that over the coming week, but you get a first taste of it here, where I talk about how in Bizarro World, it is Labour which has won the framing wars.

I'm actually doing real journalism and won't be near an Internet connection most of the time. As for that "real journalism" thing, I wonder what'll happen to all those silly "are bloggers journalist" idiots. Their heads will probably explode. And they'll deserve every bit of cognitive dissonance they suffer through.

His first comparison, according to the Guardian headline:

The Conservative party shares the same problem as the US Democrats, their opponents have framed the political language. That is Tony Blair's chief legacy.

Markos's conclusion:

But no party can build a governing majority on the hopes of opposition missteps (like the Democrats did in 2004 and both the Liberal Democrats and Tories are doing today). And any party that cedes the political language to the opposition starts every election at a distinct disadvantage.

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